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211 Diseases Researched for Magnesium
Magnesium Deficiency62549Locked
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 220175Locked
Insulin Resistance13132Locked
Cardiovascular Diseases9104Locked
C-Reactive Protein891Locked
Metabolic Syndrome X670Locked
Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity: Cisplatin864Locked
Migraine Disorders1064Locked
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2: Prevention762Locked
Colorectal Cancer: Prevention 360Locked
Headache: Migraine652Locked
Endothelial Dysfunction442Locked
Atrial Fibrillation541Locked
Cardiac Arrhythmias240Locked
Colon Cancer: Prevention240Locked
Coronary Artery Disease340Locked
Postoperative Recovery240Locked
Premenstrual syndrome440Locked
Vitamin D Deficiency431Locked
Cardiac Mortality 230Locked
Colorectal Cancer230Locked
Coronary Bypass Surgery330Locked
Mitral Valve Prolapse230Locked
Diabetes Mellitus: Type 1423Locked
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder221Locked
Oxidative Stress321Locked
All-Cause Mortality220Locked
Cardiovascular Disease: Prevention120Locked
Cerebral Aneurysm220Locked
Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity: Oxaliplatin120Locked
Chronic Disease120Locked
Diabetes: Cardiovascular Illness220Locked
Gestational Diabetes220Locked
Metabolic Diseases120Locked
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome220Locked
Stroke: Attenuation/Recovery 220Locked
Stroke: Hemorrhagic 120Locked
Stroke: Ischemic120Locked
Stroke: Prevention 120Locked
Testosterone: Too Low220Locked
Cognitive Decline/Dysfunction415Locked
Hearing Loss715Locked
Congestive Heart Failure413Locked
Arterial Calcification312Locked
Arterial Hardening: Elasticity212Locked
Carotid Stenosis212Locked
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)312Locked
Colon Cancer212Locked
Heart Failure312Locked
Triglycerides: Elevated212Locked
Arrhythmias: Cardiac211Locked
Autism Spectrum Disorders211Locked
Bone Fractures211Locked
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease211Locked
Muscle Damage: Exercise-Induced211Locked
Pregnancy Complications211Locked
ALT: Elevated110Locked
Adrenocorticotropic hormone: Low110Locked
Alcoholic Liver Disease110Locked
Allergic Rhinitis110Locked
Anemia: Sickle Cell 110Locked
Aneurysm: Cerebral110Locked
Asthma: Childhood110Locked
Athletic Performance: Recovery 110Locked
Atrial Fibrillation: Cardioconversion110Locked
Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity110Locked
Barium Toxicity110Locked
Bladder Stones110Locked
Burkitt Lymphoma110Locked
Cardiac Surgery110Locked
Celiac Disease110Locked
Cerebral Ischemia110Locked
Cervical Cancer110Locked
Cesarean Section110Locked
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome110Locked
Cortisol: Low110Locked
Cystic Fibrosis110Locked
Depressive Disorder110Locked
Diabetes: Hypertension 110Locked
Diabetic Microangiopathy110Locked
Diabetic Nephropathy110Locked
Diabetic Ulcer110Locked
Epinepherine-induced Disorders110Locked
Epstein-Barr Virus Infections110Locked
Esophageal Cancer110Locked
Exercise-Induced Hormone Fluctuations110Locked
Facial Tic110Locked
Head Trauma110Locked
Hearing Loss: Noise-Induced510Locked
Hearing Loss: idiopathic, sudden110Locked
Heart Disease110Locked
Hypertension: Arterial110Locked
Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF): Low110Locked
Kidney Damage110Locked
Kidney Stones110Locked
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy110Locked
Liver Disease110Locked
Low Back Pain110Locked
Lung Cancer110Locked
Menstrual Migraine110Locked
Migraine: Menstrual Cycle Induced110Locked
Migraine: Post-Traumatic110Locked
Mortality: All-Cause110Locked
Muscle Atrophy 110Locked
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)110Locked
Osteoarthritis: Knee110Locked
Overweight 110Locked
Pancreatic Cancer110Locked
Pineal Gland Calcification 110Locked
Prostate Cancer110Locked
Raynaud Disease110Locked
Results for Liver Enzymes: Elevated AST110Locked
Sleep Apnea: Obstructive110Locked
Subarachnoid hemorrhage110Locked
Surgery: All 110Locked
Surgery: Anesthesiology110Locked
Torsades de Pointes110Locked
Wound Healing110Locked
Alzheimer's Disease59Locked
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum36Locked
Vascular Calcification46Locked
Aortic Calcification23Locked
Ectopic Calcification23Locked
Multiple Sclerosis13Locked
Muscle Spasm13Locked
Pemphigus: Benign Familial13Locked
Alcohol Toxicity 12Locked
Anemia: Hemolytic12Locked
Angina Pectoris12Locked
Arterial Thickening12Locked
Atopic Dermatitis12Locked
Blood-Brain-Barrier Disorders12Locked
Brain Inflammation 12Locked
Cardiac Hypertrophy12Locked
Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity: Vincristine12Locked
Dry Skin 12Locked
Feline Hyperthyroidism12Locked
HPA Axis Dysregulation12Locked
Herniated Disc12Locked
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases12Locked
Intervertebral Disk Displacement12Locked
Intima Media Thickening 12Locked
Kidney Failure12Locked
Learning disorders12Locked
Liver Damage12Locked
Low Testosterone12Locked
Memory Disorders12Locked
Mineral Deficiencies12Locked
Neuropathic Pain12Locked
Ovarian Cancer12Locked
Sciatic Nerve Crush Injury12Locked
Spinal Cord Injuries12Locked
Breast Cancer11Locked
Bronchospasm: Acute11Locked
Calcification: Arterial11Locked
Cancers: All11Locked
Chronic Pain11Locked
Diabetes: Oxidative Stress11Locked
Leg Cramps11Locked
Neurological Conditions11Locked
Periodontal Diseases11Locked
Pregnancy-Associated Migraines11Locked
Premature Birth11Locked
Arrhythmias: Drug-Induced10Locked
39 Pharmacological Actions Researched for Magnesium
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317 Abstracts with Magnesium Research

Article Publish Status : This is a free article. Click here to read the complete article.
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Substances : Magnesium
Article Publish Status : This is a free article. Click here to read the complete article.
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Article Publish Status : This is a free article. Click here to read the complete article.
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Pharmacological Actions : Immunostimulatory
Pubmed Data : J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol. 2019 Nov 14. Epub 2019 Nov 14. PMID: 31730524
Study Type : Review
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Substances : Magnesium
Pharmacological Actions : Antioxidants, Vasodilator Agents
Pubmed Data : Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther. 2019 May ;17(5):345-351. Epub 2019 May 20. PMID: 31092056
Study Type : Review
Additional Links
Substances : Magnesium
Additional Keywords : Increased Risk
Problem Substances : Proton-Pump Inhibitors
Article Publish Status : This is a free article. Click here to read the complete article.
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Substances : Magnesium
Additional Keywords : Risk Factors
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Substances : Magnesium
Pharmacological Actions : Prophylactic Agents
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Study Type : Review
Pubmed Data : Am J Alzheimers Dis Other Demen. 2015 Sep 7. Epub 2015 Sep 7. PMID: 26351088
Study Type : Review
Additional Links
Substances : Magnesium
Additional Keywords : Risk Factors
Pubmed Data : Headache. 2017 Nov 13. Epub 2017 Nov 13. PMID: 29131326
Study Type : Review
Additional Links
Substances : Magnesium
Pharmacological Actions : Prophylactic Agents
Pubmed Data : Expert Opin Emerg Drugs. 2007 May;12(2):195-8. PMID: 17604496
Study Type : Commentary
Additional Links
Diseases : Glaucoma
Pubmed Data : Magnes Res. 1999 Dec;12(4):257-67. PMID: 10612083
Additional Links
Substances : Magnesium
Diseases : Osteoporosis
Pubmed Data : Pediatr Emerg Care. 2007 Sep;23(9):646-8. PMID: 17876255
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For purposes of cellular detoxification and tissue purification, the most effective form of magnesium is magnesium chloride, which has a strong excretory effect on toxins and stagnant energies stuck in the tissues of the body, drawing them out through the pores of the skin. Chloride is required to produce a large quantity of gastric acid each day and is also needed to stimulate starch-digesting enzymes
An astounding 70% or more of Americans are deficient in the essential mineral magnesium. Low levels can have deadly effects
Written by GMI Reporter
Every year nearly one in five Americans experience some form of migraine attack. One in 25 will have headaches lasting at least 15 days per month. Here's what to do when a disabling migraine strikes you.
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Our medicalized approach to pain may be putting us in harms way. However, there are safe, natural approaches that can ease painful conditions.
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Are genetically modified bacteria, viruses or yeasts proliferating unchecked, creating havoc with our inner worlds? Its very possible, though the precise cause not clear yet.
Research has concluded that a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory natural substances can increase longevity and improve the aging process
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Are you one of the million of women who currently take a birth control pill? If so, beware of the artificial hormones contained in the birth control pill and the increased risk of developing breast cancer.
Nutritional Supplement Safety Again Confirmed by America's Largest Database
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
A powerful clinical study shows that pennies worth of magnesium a day provides an effective, safe, affordable alternative to dangerous and relatively ineffective pharmaceutical antidepressants.
Written by Rohan Jasani
Maximize & boost your nutrition by simply adding a few common herbs to your favorite foods!
Over 50 scientific references say this important issue shall not be censored any longer
Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antiviral action of vitamin C for decades and now it shows promise in fighting Coronoavirus
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Diabetes is not the hopeless disease that most doctors would have us believe it is though it is a long losing battle if you walk the trail western medicine wants you to travel
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There are facts regarding the history of measles that almost never reach the light of day. Here are 14 things you may not have been told by public health officials, your doctor, or the media.
Motion sickness plagues many, children in particular. Usually sufferers are dosed with a pharmaceutical whose side effects mirror the symptoms they are supposed to help. But thankfully a little-known herb from Africa is gaining scientific attention as a superior, natural alternative.

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